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Karamanoglu Automotive       Turkish

About Us

KARAMANOGLU AUTOMOTIVE was founded in 1981 to respond to the demands of the automotive spare parts sector and since the day it was established, it has been manufacturing many different auto spare parts for the world wide car brands and has gained the appreciation of the customers by keeping the product range constantly wide and stocky. During the production, every step from entrance of raw material to excitation of product is controlled meticulousy and products are manufactured with zero-defect policy. Being a very wellknown sub-contractor for years before, now KARAMANOGLU has continuing its studies to become a world-runner with its own brand and with every day increasing production capacity.KARAMANOGLU has been following the innovations and developments in the sector with the power it has gained from our valuable business partners and from the experienced expert staff in the field of automotive.


Our Vision

To be an institution which is not limited as the best just in our country but also a leader in international area, To remain as a leader with the quality and with the every scientific service that we offer, And also besides being the leader, to keep the leadership forever.


Our Mission

Using the sources as rational, reducing the losses, increasing the efficiency, reducing the costs, providing our customers with quality and aesthetical products, principled work as planned, considering the satisfaction of customer.